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2 Kings 1:2


Ahaziah fell through a window lattice in his upper chamber in Samaria 1  and was injured. He sent messengers with these orders, 2  “Go, ask 3  Baal Zebub, 4  the god of Ekron, if I will survive this injury.”


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map For location see Map2 B1; Map4 D3; Map5 E2; Map6 A4; Map7 C1.

tn Heb “and he sent messengers and said to them.”

tn That is, “seek an oracle from.”

sn Apparently Baal Zebub refers to a local manifestation of the god Baal at the Philistine city of Ekron. The name appears to mean “Lord of the Flies,” but it may be a deliberate scribal corruption of Baal Zebul, “Baal, the Prince,” a title known from the Ugaritic texts. For further discussion and bibliography, see HALOT 261 s.v. זְבוּב בַּעַל and M. Cogan and H. Tadmor, II Kings (AB), 25.

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