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2 Corinthians 2:1


So 1  I made up my own mind 2  not to pay you another painful visit. 3 


Ac 11:29; Ac 15:2,37; 1Co 2:2; 1Co 4:21; 1Co 5:3; 2Co 1:15-17,; 2Co 1:23; 2Co 2:4; 2Co 7:5-8; 2Co 12:20,21; 2Co 13:10; Tit 3:12

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tc Although usually δέ (de, “now”; found in א A C D1 F G Ψ 0285 Ï lat) should take precedent over γάρ (gar) in textually disputed places in the corpus Paulinum, the credentials for γάρ here are not easily dismissed (Ì46 B 0223 0243 33 1739 1881 al); here it is the preferred reading, albeit slightly.

tn Or “I decided this for myself.”

tn Grk “not to come to you again in sorrow.”

sn Paul was not speaking absolutely about not making another visit, but meant he did not want to come to the Corinthians again until the conflict he mentioned in 2 Cor 2:4-11 was settled.

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