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2 Chronicles 9:11


With the timber the king made steps 1  for the Lord’s temple and royal palace as well as stringed instruments 2  for the musicians. No one had seen anything like them in the land of Judah prior to that. 3 )


1Ki 10:12; 1Ch 23:5; 1Ch 25:1; Ps 92:1-3; Ps 150:3-5; Re 5:8

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tn Heb “tracks.” The parallel text in 1 Kgs 10:12 has a different term whose meaning is uncertain: “supports,” perhaps “banisters” or “parapets.”

tn Two types of stringed instruments are specifically mentioned in the Hebrew text, the כִּנּוֹר (kinnor, “zither”) and נֶבֶל (nevel, “harp”).

tn Heb “there was not seen like these formerly in the land of Judah.”

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