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2 Chronicles 13:9


But you banished 1  the Lord’s priests, Aaron’s descendants, and the Levites, and appointed your own priests just as the surrounding nations do! Anyone who comes to consecrate himself with a young bull or seven rams becomes a priest of these fake gods! 2 


Ex 29:1,35; Ex 32:29; Le 8:2; Le 16:32; De 32:17; 1Ki 12:31-33; 1Ki 13:33; 2Ki 19:18; 1Ch 29:5; 2Ch 11:14,15; Jer 2:11; Ho 8:6; Ac 19:26; Ga 4:8

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tn In the Hebrew text this is phrased as a rhetorical question, “Did you not banish?” The rhetorical question expects the answer, “Of course you did,” the force of which is reflected in the translation “But you banished.”

tn Heb “whoever comes to fill his hand with a bull of a son of cattle, and seven rams, and he is a priest to no-gods.”

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