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2 Chronicles 1:10


Now give me wisdom and discernment so 1  I can effectively lead this nation. 2  Otherwise 3  no one is able 4  to make judicial decisions for 5  this great nation of yours.” 6 


Nu 27:17; De 31:2; 2Sa 5:2; 1Ki 3:9; Ps 119:34,73; Pr 2:2-6; Pr 3:13-18; Pr 4:7; 2Co 2:16; 2Co 3:5; Jas 1:5

NET © Notes

tn The cohortative with prefixed vav (ו) following the imperative here indicates purpose/result.

tn Heb “so I may go out before this nation and come in.” The expression “go out…and come in” here means “to lead” (see HALOT 425 s.v. יצא qal.4).

tn Heb “for.” The word “otherwise” is used to reflect the logical sense of the statement.

tn Heb “who is able?” The rhetorical question anticipates the answer, “no one.”

tn Heb “to judge.”

tn Heb “these numerous people of yours.”

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