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1 Timothy 5:16


If a believing woman 1  has widows in her family, 2  let her help them. The church should not be burdened, so that it may help the widows who are truly in need. 3 


1Ti 5:3,5; 1Ti 5:4,8

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tc Most witnesses (D Ψ Ï sy) have πιστὸς ἤ (pisto" h) before πιστή (pisth), with the resultant meaning “if a believing man or woman.” But such looks to be a motivated reading, perhaps to bring some parity to the responsibilities of men and women listed here, and as a way of harmonizing with v. 4. Further, most of the earliest and best witnesses (א A C F G P 048 33 81 1175 1739 1881 co) lack the πιστὸς ἤ, strengthening the preference for the shorter reading.

tn Grk “has widows.”

tn Grk “the real widows,” “those who are really widows.”

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