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1 Samuel 28:23


But he refused, saying, “I won’t eat!” Both his servants and the woman urged 1  him to eat, so he gave in. 2  He got up from the ground and sat down on the bed.


1Ki 21:4; 2Ki 4:8; Pr 25:20; Lu 14:23; Lu 24:29; Ac 16:15; 2Co 5:14

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tc The translation follows many medieval Hebrew mss in reading וַיִּפְצְרוּ (vayyiftseru, “and they pressed”; from the root פצר, psr) rather than the MT’s וַיִּפְרְצוּ (vayyifretsu, “and they broke forth”; from the root פרצ, prs).

tn Heb “he listened to their voice.”

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