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1 Samuel 2:5


Those who are well-fed hire themselves out to earn food, but the hungry no longer lack. Even 1  the barren woman gives birth to seven, 2  but the one with many children withers away. 3 


1Sa 1:6; 1Sa 1:20; Ps 34:10; Ps 113:9; Isa 54:1; Jer 15:9; Lu 1:53; Lu 16:25; Ga 4:27

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tc Against BHS but with the MT, the preposition (עַד, ’ad) should be taken with what follows rather than with what precedes. For this sense of the preposition see Job 25:5.

sn The number seven is used here in an ideal sense. Elsewhere in the OT having seven children is evidence of fertility as a result of God’s blessing on the family. See, for example, Jer 15:9, Ruth 4:15.

tn Or “languishes.”

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