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1 Samuel 14:32


So the army rushed greedily on 1  the 2  plunder, confiscating sheep, cattle, and calves. They slaughtered them right on the ground, and the army ate them blood and all.


Ge 9:4; Le 3:17; Le 7:26,27; Le 17:10-14; Le 19:26; De 12:16,23,24; 1Sa 15:19; Eze 33:25; Ac 15:20,29

NET © Notes

tc The translation follows the Qere and many medieval Hebrew mss in reading “and they rushed greedily upon,” rather than the Kethib, “and they did.”

tc The translation reads with the Qere and many medieval Hebrew mss הַשָּׁלָל (hashalal, “the spoil”) rather than following the Kethib reading, שָׁלָל (shalal, “spoil”).

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