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1 Kings 7:7


He also made a throne room, called “The Hall of Judgment,” where he made judicial decisions. 1  It was paneled with cedar from the floor to the rafters. 2 


1Ki 3:9,28; 1Ki 6:3; 1Ki 10:18-20; Ps 122:5; Pr 20:8; Isa 9:7

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tn Heb “and a porch for the throne, where he was making judicial decisions, the Porch of Judgment, he made.”

tc The Hebrew text reads, “from the floor to the floor.” The second occurrence of the term הַקַּרְקָע (haqqarqa’, “the floor”) is probably an error; one should emend to הַקּוֹרוֹת (haqqorot, “the rafters”). See 6:16.

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