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1 Chronicles 16:35


Say this prayer: 1  “Deliver us, O God who delivers us! Gather us! Rescue us from the nations! Then we will give thanks 2  to your holy name, and boast about your praiseworthy deeds.” 3 


1Ch 16:9,10; Ps 14:7; Ps 44:8; Ps 53:6; Ps 79:9,10; Ps 105:45; Ps 106:47,48; Isa 43:21; Isa 45:25; 1Co 1:31; Eph 1:12; 1Pe 2:5,9

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tn The words “this prayer” are supplied in the translation for clarity and for stylistic reasons.

tn Heb “to give thanks.” The infinitive construct indicates result after the imperative.

tn Heb “to boast in your praise.”

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