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1 Chronicles 1:7


The sons 1  of Javan: Elishah, Tarshish, the Kittites, and the Rodanites. 2 


Nu 24:24; Ps 72:10; Isa 23:1,12; Isa 66:19; Jer 2:10; Eze 27:6; Da 11:30

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tn Or in this case, “descendants.”

tc The Kethiv has “Rodanim,” which probably refers to the island of Rhodes. The Qere has “Dodanim,” which refers to one of the most ancient and revered locations in ancient Greece. The MT and most medieval Hebrew mss of the parallel list in Gen 10:4 read “Dodanim,” but a few have “Rodanim.”

tn Heb “Kittim and Rodanim.”

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