basileuo <936>

basileuw basileuo

Origin:from 935
Reference:TDNT - 1:590,97
In Greek:basileuei 1, basileuein 1, basileuetw 1, basileuontwn 1, basileuousin 1, basileusai 2, basileusei 2, basileush 1, basileusousin 3, ebasileusan 1, ebasileusate 2, ebasileusav 1, ebasileusen 4
In NET:reigned 4, reign 3, they will reign 3, to be king 2, He will reign 1, You have become kings 1, King of kings 1, begun to reign 1, you had become kings 1, was reigning 1, reigns 1, will reign 1, he will reign 1
In AV:reign 20, king 1
Definition:1) to be king, to exercise kingly power, to reign
1a) of the governor of a province
1b) of the rule of the Messiah
1c) of the reign of Christians in the millennium
2) metaph. to exercise the highest influence, to control
from 935; to rule (literally or figuratively):-king, reign.
see GREEK for 935

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