barus <926>

baruv barus

Origin:from the same as 922
Reference:TDNT - 1:556,95
In Greek:barea 2, bareiai 2, bareiv 1, barutera 1
In NET:heavy 1, fierce 1, more important 1, serious 1, weigh 1, weighty 1
In AV:grievous 3, heavy 1, weighty 1, weighter 1
Definition:1) heavy in weight
2) metaph.
2a) burdensome
2b) severe, stern
2c) weighty
2c1) of great moment
2d) violent, cruel, unsparing
from the same as 922; weighty, i.e. (fig) burdensome,
grave:-grievous, heavy, weightier.
see GREEK for 922

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