aphanizo <853>

afanizw aphanizo

Origin:from 852
In Greek:afanisyhte 1, afanizei 2, afanizomenh 1, afanizousin 1
In NET:destroy 2, perish 1, unattractive 1, vanishes 1
In AV:corrupt 2, disfigure 1, perish 1, vanish away 1
Definition:1) to snatch out of sight, to put out of view, to make unseen
2) to cause to vanish away, to destroy, consume
3) to deprive of lustre, render unsightly
3a) to disfigure
from 852; to render unapparent, i.e. (actively) consume (becloud), or
(passively) disappear (be destroyed):- corrupt, disfigure, perish,
vanish away.
see GREEK for 852

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