Asiarches <775>

Asiarchv Asiarches

Origin:from 773 and 746
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:asiarcwn 1
In NET:provincial authorities 1
In AV:chief of Asia 1
Definition:1) an Asiarch, President of Asia.

Each of the cities of proconsular Asia, at the autumnal equinox,
assembled its most honourable and opulent citizens, in order to
select one to preside over the games to be exhibited that year, at
his expense, in the honour of the gods and the Roman Emperor.
Thereupon each city reported the name of the person selected to a
general assembly held by some leading city, as Ephesus, Smyrna,
Sardis. The general council selected ten out of the number of
candidates, and sent them to the proconsul; and the proconsul chose
one of these ten to preside over the rest.
from 773 and 746; an Asiarch or president of the public festivities in
a city of Asia Minor:-chief of Asia.
see GREEK for 773
see GREEK for 746

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