apolambano <618>

apolambanw apolambano

Origin:from 575 and 2983
In Greek:apelaben 1, apelabev 1, apolabhte 1, apolabomenov 1, apolabwmen 1, apolabwsin 1, apolambanomen 1, apolambanontev 1, apolhmqesye 1
In NET:receive 1, got back 1, After took aside away 1, received 1, they may be repaid 1, you received 1, with full rights 1, we deserve 1, you will receive 1
In AV:receive 10, take aside 1, receive ... again 1
Definition:1) to receive
1a) of what is due or promised
2) to take again or back, to recover
2a) to receive by way of retribution
3) to take from others, take apart or aside
4) to receive any one hospitably
from 575 and 2983; to receive (specially, in full, or as a host); also
to take aside:-receive, take.
see GREEK for 575
see GREEK for 2983

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