apisteo <569>

apistew apisteo

Origin:from 571
Reference:TDNT - 6:174,849
In Greek:apisthsav 1, apistoumen 1, apistountwn 1, apistousin 1, hpisthsan 2, hpistoun 2
In NET:they did not believe 2, did believe 1, could not believe 1, do not believe 1, does not believe 1, refused to believe 1, we are unfaithful 1
In AV:believe not 7
Definition:1) to betray a trust, be unfaithful
2) to have no belief, disbelieve
from 571; to be unbelieving, i.e. (transitively) disbelieve, or (by
implication) disobey:-believe not.
see GREEK for 571

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