chortazo <5526>

cortazw chortazo

Origin:from 5528
In Greek:cortasai 2, cortasyhnai 3, cortasyhsesye 1, cortasyhsontai 1, cortazesyai 1, cortazesye 1, ecortasyhsan 6, ecortasyhte 1
In NET:were satisfied 4, to eat 2, to satisfy 2, go satisfied 1, eat well 1, be satisfied 1, gorged 1, you wanted 1, was satisfied 1, you will be satisfied 1, will be satisfied 1
In AV:fill 12, be full 1, satisfy 1, feed 1
Definition:1) to feed with herbs, grass, hay, to fill, satisfy with food,
to fatten
1a) of animals
2) to fill or satisfy men
3) to fulfil or satisfy the desire of any one
from 5528; to fodder, i.e. (generally) to gorge (supply food in
abundance):-feed, fill, satisfy.
see GREEK for 5528

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