philotimeomai <5389>

filotimeomai philotimeomai

Origin:middle voice from a compound of 5384 and 5092
In Greek:filotimeisyai 1, filotimoumenon 1, filotimoumeya 1
In NET:desire 1, to aspire 1, we make ambition 1
In AV:strive 1, labour 1, study 1
Definition:1) to be fond of honour
1a) to be actuated by love of honour
1b) from a love of honour to strive to bring something to pass
2) to be ambitious
2a) to strive earnestly, make it one's aim
middle voice from a compound of 5384 and 5092; to be fond of honor,
i.e. emulous (eager or earnest to do something):-labour, strive,
see GREEK for 5384
see GREEK for 5092

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