sunteleo <4931>

suntelew sunteleo

Origin:from 4862 and 5055
Reference:TDNT - 8:62,1161
In Greek:sunteleisyai 2, suntelesav 1, suntelesw 1, suntelesyeiswn 1, suntelwn 1
In NET:are to take place 1, I will complete 1, completely 1, had completed 1, were almost over 1, were completed 1
In AV:end 4, fulfil 1, finish 1, make 1
Definition:1) to end together or at the same time
2) to end completely
2a) bring to an end, finish, complete
3) to accomplish, bring to fulfilment
3a) to come to pass
4) to effect, make, (conclude)
5) to finish
5a) to make an end of
5b) to bring to an end
5c) destroy
from 4862 and 5055; to complete entirely; generally, to execute
(literally or figuratively):-end, finish, fulfil, make.
see GREEK for 4862
see GREEK for 5055

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