antilego <483>

antilegw antilego

Origin:from 473 and 3004
In Greek:antelegon 1, antilegei 1, antilegetai 1, antilegomenon 1, antilegonta 1, antilegontav 2, antilegontwn 1
In NET:speak against 2, opposes 1, objected 1, stubborn 1, they began to contradict 1, talk back 1, will be rejected 1
In AV:speak against 5, deny 1, contradict 1, gainsay 1, gainsayer 1, answer again 1
Definition:1) to speak against, gainsay, contradict
2) to oppose one's self to one, decline to obey him, declare one's
self against him, refuse to have anything to do with him
from 473 and 3004; to dispute, refuse:-answer again, contradict,
deny, gainsay(-er), speak against.
see GREEK for 473
see GREEK for 3004

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