sugcheo <4797>

sugcew sugcheo or sugcunw sugchuno

Pronunciation:soong-kheh'-o soong-khoo'-no
Origin:from 4862 and cheo (to pour) or its alternate
In Greek:sugcunnetai 1, sugkecumenh 1, suneceon 1, sunecunnen 1, sunecuyh 1
In NET:was in confusion 3, stirred up 1, was causing consternation 1
In AV:confound 2, confuse 1, be in an uproar 1, stir up 1
Definition:1) to pour together, commingle
2) to disturb the mind of one, to stir up to tumult or outbreak
3) to confound or bewilder
from 4862 and cheo (to pour) or its alternate; to commingle
promiscuously, i.e. (figuratively) to throw (an assembly) into
disorder, to perplex (the mind):-confound, confuse, stir up, be in an
see GREEK for 4862

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