skotizo <4654>

skotizw skotizo

Origin:from 4655
Reference:TDNT - 7:423,1049
In Greek:eskotisyh 1, skotisyh 1, skotisyhsetai 2, skotisyhtwsan 1
In NET:will be darkened 2, were darkened 2, let be darkened 1
In AV:darken 8
Definition:1) to cover with darkness, to darken
2) to be covered with darkness, be darkened
2a) of heavenly bodies as deprived of light
2b) metaph.
2b1) of the eyes
2b2) of the understanding
2b3) of the mind
from 4655; to obscure (literally or figuratively):-darken.
see GREEK for 4655

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