sabaoth <4519>

sabawy sabaoth

Origin:of Hebrew origin 06635 twabu in feminine plural
PrtSpch:n indecl
In Greek:sabawy 2
In NET:of armies 1, of hosts 1
In AV:sabaoth 2
Definition:1) "Lord of Sabaoth"
1a) Lord of the armies of Israel, as those who are under the
leadership and protection of Jehovah maintain his cause in war
of Hebrew origin (6635 in feminine plural); armies; sabaoth (i.e.
tsebaoth), a military epithet of God:-sabaoth.
see HEBREW for 06635
in Bible:
armies (NET)
hosts (NET)
Sabaoth (KJV, NASB, TEV)
the Lord Almighty (NIV)

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