prosanatithemi <4323>

prosana-tiyhmi prosanatithemi

Origin:from 4314 and 394
Reference:TDNT - 1:353,57
In Greek:prosaneyemhn 1, prosaneyento 1
In NET:I did go to ask advice 1, added 1
In AV:confer 1, add in conference 1
Definition:1) to lay upon in addition to
2) to lay upon one's self in addition
2a) to undertake besides
2b) to put one's self upon another by going to him,
2c) to commit or betake one's self to another for the purpose of
consulting him
2d) to consult, to take one into counsel
2e) to add from one's store
3) to communicate, impart
from 4314 and 394; to lay up in addition, i.e. (middle voice and
figuratively) to impart or (by implication) to consult:-in conference
add, confer.
see GREEK for 4314
see GREEK for 394

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