proginosko <4267>

proginoskw proginosko

Origin:from 4253 and 1097
Reference:TDNT - 1:715,119
In Greek:proegnw 2, proegnwsmenou 1, proginwskontev 2
In NET:he foreknew 2, have been forewarned 1, have known 1, was foreknown 1
In AV:foreknow 2, foreordain 1, know 1, know before 1
Definition:1) to have knowledge before hand
2) to foreknow
2a) of those whom God elected to salvation
3) to predestinate
from 4253 and 1097; to know beforehand, i.e. foresee:-foreknow
(ordain), know (before).
see GREEK for 4253
see GREEK for 1097

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