potapos <4217>

potapov potapos

Origin:apparently from 4219 and the base of 4226
In Greek:potapai 1, potaph 1, potaphn 1, potapoi 1, potapouv 1, potapov 2
In NET:kind of 1, What sort of person 1, meaning 1, sort 1, tremendous 1, what sort of 1
In AV:what manner of 4, what 1, what manner of man 1, what manner of person 1
Definition:1) from what country, nation or tribe
2) of what sort or quality (what manner of)
2a) of persons
2b) of things
apparently from 4219 and the base of 4226; interrogatively, whatever,
i.e. of what possible sort:-what (manner of).
see GREEK for 4219
see GREEK for 4226

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