pleroma <4138>

plhrwma pleroma

Origin:from 4137
Reference:TDNT - 6:298,867
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:plhrwma 11, plhrwmata 2, plhrwmati 1, plhrwmatov 3
In NET:fullness 7, full 4, abundance 1, appropriate 1, fulfillment 1, patch 1, full restoration 1
In AV:fulness 13, full 1, fulfilling 1, which is put in to fill up 1, pierce that filled up 1
Definition:1) that which is (has been) filled
1a) a ship inasmuch as it is filled (i.e. manned) with sailors,
rowers, and soldiers
1b) in the NT, the body of believers, as that which is filled with
the presence, power, agency, riches of God and of Christ
2) that which fills or with which a thing is filled
2a) of those things which a ship is filled, freight and
merchandise, sailors, oarsmen, soldiers
2b) completeness or fulness of time
3) fulness, abundance
4) a fulfilling, keeping
from 4137; repletion or completion, i.e. (subjectively) what fills (as
contents, supplement, copiousness, multitude), or (objectively) what
is filled (as container, performance, period):-which is put in to
fill up, piece that filled up, fulfilling, full, fulness.
see GREEK for 4137

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