pletho <4130>

plhyw pletho

Origin:a prolonged form of a primary plew pleo \@pleh'-o\@ (which appears only as an alternate in certain tenses and in the reduplicated form pimplhmi pimplemi)
Reference:TDNT - 6:128,*
In Greek:eplhsan 1, eplhsyh 5, eplhsyhsan 12, plhsav 1, plhsyeiv 2, plhsyhnai 1, plhsyhsetai 1, plhsyhv 1
In NET:they were filled 5, filled 4, was filled 4, came 3, were filled 2, They were filled 1, At the end 1, be filled 1, he will be filled 1, was over 1, to fulfill 1
In AV:fill 18, accomplish 4, furnish 1, full ... come 1
Definition:1) to fill
2) to be fulfilled, to be filled
to "fill" (literally or figuratively (imbue, influence, supply));
specially, to fulfil (time):-accomplish, full (...come), furnish.

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