holokleros <3648>

oloklhrov holokleros

Origin:from 3650 and 2819
Reference:TDNT - 3:766,442
In Greek:oloklhroi 1, oloklhron 1
In NET:complete 1, completely 1
In AV:whole 1, entire 1
Definition:1) complete in all its parts, in no part wanting or unsound,
complete, entire, whole
1a) of a body without blemish or defect, whether of a priest
or of a victim
1b) free from sin, faultless
1c) complete in all respects, consummate
from 3650 and 2819; complete in every part, i.e. perfectly sound (in
body):-entire, whole.
see GREEK for 3650
see GREEK for 2819

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