nomikos <3544>

nomikov nomikos

Origin:from 3551
Reference:TDNT - 4:1088,646
In Greek:nomikav 1, nomikoi 1, nomikoiv 2, nomikon 1, nomikouv 1, nomikov 2, nomikwn 1
In NET:experts in religious law 5, an expert in religious law 2, law 1, lawyer 1
In AV:lawyer 8, about the law 1
Definition:1) pertaining to the law, one learned in the law
2) in the NT an interpreter and teacher of the Mosaic law
from 3551; according (or pertaining) to law, i.e. legal
(ceremonially); as noun, an expert in the (Mosaic) law:-about the
law, lawyer.
see GREEK for 3551

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