anago <321>

anagw anago

Origin:from 303 and 71
In Greek:anacyentev 3, anacyhnai 2, anagagein 2, anagagwn 3, anagesyai 2, anagomenoiv 1, anhcyh 2, anhcyhmen 4, anhcyhsan 1, anhgagon 3
In NET:put out to sea 8, brought 2, led up to a high place 1, he set sail 1, brought back 1, bring out 1, brought up 1, they brought 1, was led 1, we put out to sea 1, to sea 1, to sail 1, they set out 1, to bring up 1, were preparing to sail 1
In AV:bring 3, loose 3, sail 3, launch 3, depart 3, misc 9
Definition:1) to lead up, to lead or bring into a higher place
2) of navigators: launch out, set sail, put to sea
from 303 and 71; to lead up; by extension to bring out; specially, to
sail away:-bring (again, forth, up again), depart, launch (forth),
lead (up), loose, offer, sail, set forth, take up.
see GREEK for 303
see GREEK for 71

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