anagkaios <316>

anagkaiov anagkaios

Origin:from 318
Reference:TDNT - 1:344,55
In Greek:anagkaia 1, anagkaiav 1, anagkaion 4, anagkaioteron 1, anagkaiouv 1
In NET:necessary 3, close 1, essential 1, more vital 1, pressing 1
In AV:necessary 5, near 1, more needful 1, of necessity 1
Definition:1) necessary
1a) what one can not do without, indispensable
1b) connected by bonds of nature or friendship
1c) what ought according to the law of duty be done, what is
required by the circumstances
from 318; necessary; by implication, close (of kin):-near, necessary,
necessity, needful.
see GREEK for 318

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