lithazo <3034>

liyazw lithazo

Origin:from 3037
Reference:TDNT - 4:267,533
In Greek:eliyasyhn 1, eliyasyhsan 1, liyasai 1, liyasantev 1, liyaswsin 1, liyasywsin 1, liyazein 1, liyazete 1, liyazomen 1
In NET:to stone 3, They were stoned 1, I received a stoning 1, We are going to stone 1, are you going to stone 1, stoned 1, being stoned 1
In AV:stone 8
Definition:1) to overwhelm or pelt with stones
1a) of stoning, a Jewish mode of punishment
2) to pelt one with stones, in order either to wound or kill him
from 3037; to lapidate:-stone.
see GREEK for 3037

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