koimao <2837>

koimaw koimao

Origin:from 2749
In Greek:ekoimhyh 2, ekoimhyhsan 2, kekoimhmenwn 2, kekoimhtai 2, koimhyentav 2, koimhyentev 1, koimhyh 1, koimhyhsomeya 1, koimwmenouv 1, koimwmenov 1, koimwmenwn 2, koimwntai 1
In NET:have fallen asleep 5, died 2, dies 1, are dead 1, We will sleep 1, are asleep 1, had died 1, has fallen asleep 1, was sleeping 1, sleeping exhausted 1, he has fallen asleep 1, he died 1, while were asleep 1
In AV:sleep 10, fall asleep 4, be asleep 2, fall on sleep 1, be dead 1
Definition:1) to cause to sleep, put to sleep
2) metaph.
2a) to still, calm, quiet
2b) to fall asleep, to sleep
2c) to die
from 2749; to put to sleep, i.e. (passively or reflexively) to
slumber; figuratively, to decease:-(be a-, fall a-, fall on) sleep,
be dead.
see GREEK for 2749

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