kataphero <2702>

kataferw kataphero

Origin:from 2596 and 5342 (including its alternate)
In Greek:kataferomenov 1, kataferontev 1, katenecyeiv 1, kathnegka 1
In NET:Fast asleep 1, bringing 1, cast 1, was sinking 1
In AV:fall 1, sink down 1, give 1
Definition:1) to bear down, bring down, cast down
1a) to cast a pebble or calculus into the urn
1a1) to give one's vote, to approve
1b) to be born down, to sink, (from the window to the pavement)
1c) metaph.
1c1) to be weighted down by, overcome, carried away
1c2) to sink into sleep, drop asleep
from 2596 and 5342 (including its alternate); to bear down, i.e.
(figuratively) overcome (with drowsiness); specially, to cast a
vote:-fall, give, sink down.
see GREEK for 2596
see GREEK for 5342

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