katanarkao <2655>

katanarkaw katanarkao

Origin:from 2596 and narkao (to be numb)
In Greek:katanarkhsw 1, katenarkhsa 2
In NET:I was a burden 1, I will be a burden 1, was a burden 1
In AV:be burdensome 2, be chargeable 1
Definition:1) to cause to grow numb or torpid
2) to be torpid, inactive, to be to the detriment of one
3) to weigh heavily upon, be burdensome to
from 2596 and narkao (to be numb); to grow utterly torpid, i.e. (by
implication) slothful (figuratively, expensive):-be burdensome
see GREEK for 2596

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