Kapernaoum <2584>

Kapernaoum Kapernaoum

Origin:of Hebrew origin, probably 03723 and 05151 Mwxn-rpk
PrtSpch:n pr loc
In Greek:kafarnaoum 16
In NET:Capernaum 16
In AV:Capernaum 16
Definition:Capernaum = "village of comfort"

1) a flourishing city of Galilee situated on the western shore of the
Sea of Galilee or Lake of Gennesaret, near the place where the
Jordan flows into the lake
of Hebrew origin (probably 3723 and 5151); Capernaum (i.e.
Caphanachum), a place in Palestine:-Capernaum.
see HEBREW for 03723
see HEBREW for 05151
in Bible:
Capernaum (NET, KJV, NASB, NIV, NRSV, TEV)

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