euschemon <2158>

euschmwv euschemon

Origin:from 2095 and 4976
Reference:TDNT - 2:770,278
In Greek:euschmon 1, euschmona 1, euschmonav 1, euschmonwn 1, euschmwn 1
In NET:high social standing 1, highly regarded 1, notable 1, presentable 1, prominent 1
In AV:honourable 3, comely 2
Definition:1) of elegant figure
1a) shapely, graceful, comely, bearing one's self becomingly in
speech or behaviour
2) of good standing
2a) honourable, influential, wealthy, respectable
from 2095 and 4976; well-formed, i.e. (figuratively) decorous, noble
(in rank):-comely, honourable.
see GREEK for 2095
see GREEK for 4976

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