epimeno <1961>

epimenw epimeno

Origin:from 1909 and 3306
In Greek:epemeina 1, epemeinamen 2, epemenen 1, epemenon 1, epimeinai 3, epimene 1, epimenein 1, epimenete 1, epimenhv 1, epimenontwn 1, epimenw 1, epimenwmen 1, epimenwsin 1
In NET:to stay 2, While remained 1, continued 1, Persevere 1, I will stay 1, I stayed 1, remain 1, Are we to remain 1, stayed 1, we stayed 1, you continue 1, to spend 1, they persisted 1, they do continue 1, you remain 1
In AV:tarry 7, continue in 5, continue 2, abide 2, abide in 1, abide still 1
Definition:1) to stay at or with, to tarry still, still to abide, to continue,
1a) of tarrying in a place
1b) to persevere, continue
1b1) of the thing continued in
1b2) in the work of teaching
1b3) of the blessing for which one keeps himself fit
1b4) denoting the action persisted in
from 1909 and 3306; to stay over, i.e. remain (figuratively,
persevere):-abide (in), continue (in), tarry.
see GREEK for 1909
see GREEK for 3306

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