emblepo <1689>

emblepw emblepo

Origin:from 1722 and 991
In Greek:embleqasa 1, embleqate 1, embleqav 6, eneblepen 1, eneblepon 1, enebleqen 1
In NET:looked at 4, I could see 1, Gazing 1, Look at 1, he saw 1, looked directly 1, looked straight at 1, looked straight 1
In AV:behold 5, look upon 4, see 1, gaze up 1, can see 1
Definition:1) to turn one's eyes on
2) look at
3) metaph. to look at with the mind, to consider
from 1722 and 991; to look on, i.e. (relatively) to observe fixedly,
or (absolutely) to discern clearly:-behold, gaze up, look upon,
(could) see.
see GREEK for 1722
see GREEK for 991

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