eleemosune <1654>

elehmosunh eleemosune

Origin:from 1656
Reference:TDNT - 2:485,222
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:elehmosunai 2, elehmosunav 2, elehmosunh 1, elehmosunhn 7, elehmosunwn 1
In NET:acts of charity 4, money 2, bring gifts 1, charitable giving 1, ask for donations 1, gift 1, giving 1, give to the poor 1, to those in need 1
In AV:alms 13, almsdeeds 1
Definition:1) mercy, pity
1a) esp. as exhibited in giving alms, charity
2) the benefaction itself, a donation to the poor, alms
from 1656; compassionateness, i.e. (as exercised towards the poor)
beneficence, or (concretely) a benefaction:-alms(-deeds).
see GREEK for 1656

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