ekthambeo <1568>

ekyambew ekthambeo

Origin:from 1569
Reference:TDNT - 3:4,*
In Greek:ekyambeisyai 1, ekyambeisye 1, exeyambhyhsan 2
In NET:Do be alarmed 1, they were alarmed 1, they were amazed 1, very troubled 1
In AV:be affrighted 2, sore amazed 1, greatly amazed 1
Definition:1) to throw into terror or amazement
1a) to alarm thoroughly, to terrify
2) to be struck with amazement
2a) to be thoroughly amazed, astounded
2b) to be struck with terror
from 1569; to astonish utterly:-affright, greatly (sore) amaze.
see GREEK for 1569

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