ekduo <1562>

ekduw ekduo

Origin:from 1537 and the base of 1416
Reference:TDNT - 2:318,192
In Greek:ekdusantev 2, ekdusasyai 1, exedusan 2
In NET:stripped 2, they stripped 2, to be unclothed 1
In AV:strip 2, take off from 2, unclothe 1
Definition:1) to take off
1a) to strip one of his garments
2) to take off from one's self, to put off the one's raiments
3) fig., to put off the body, the clothing of the soul
from 1537 and the base of 1416; to cause to sink out of, i.e.
(specially as of clothing) to divest:-strip, take off from, unclothe.
see GREEK for 1537
see GREEK for 1416

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