agathopoieo <15>

agayopoiew agathopoieo

Origin:from 17
Reference:TDNT - 1:17,3
In Greek:agayopoieite 1, agayopoihsai 2, agayopoihte 1, agayopoiountav 3, agayopoiountev 1, agayopoiousai 1, agayopoiwn 1
In NET:do good 3, to do good 2, by doing good 1, doing good 1, one who does good 1, when do what is good 1, you do good 1
In AV:do good 7, well doing 2, do well 2
Definition:1) to do good, do something which profits others
1a) to be a good help to someone
1b) to do someone a favour
1c) to benefit
2) to do well, do right
from 17; to be a well-doer (as a favor or a duty):-(when) do good
see GREEK for 17

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