dapanao <1159>

dapanaw dapanao

Origin:from 1160
In Greek:dapanhsantov 1, dapanhsasa 1, dapanhshte 1, dapanhson 1, dapanhsw 1
In NET:after he had spent 1, had spent 1, pay expenses 1, will spend 1, you can spend 1
In AV:spend 3, be at charges with 1, consume 1
Definition:1) to incur expense, expend, spend
2) in a bad sense: to waste, squander, consume
from 1160; to expend, i.e. (in a good sense) to incur cost, or (in a
bad one) to waste:-be at charges, consume, spend.
see GREEK for 1160

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