b@churowth <0979>

twrxb b@churowth or twrwxb b@chuwrowth

Pronunciation:bekh-oo-rothe' bekh-oo-roth'
Origin:from 0970
Reference:TWOT - 231b
PrtSpch:noun feminime plural
In Hebrew:wyrxbm 1, Ktwrwxb 1, Kytrwxb 1
In NET:youth 2, young men 1
In AV:youth 2, young men 1
Definition:1) youth
or bchuwrowth {bekh-oo-roth'}; feminine plural of 970; also
(masculine plural) bchuriym {bekh-oo-reem'}; youth
(collectively and abstractly):-young men, youth.
see HEBREW for 0970

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