'aguddah <092>

hdga 'aguddah

Origin:f passive participle of an unused root (meaning to bind)
Reference:TWOT - 15a
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tdga 1, hdgal 1, twdga 1, wtdgaw 1
In NET:army 1, branch 1, ropes 1, supports 1
In AV:troop 2, bunch 1, burdens 1
Definition:1) band, binding
1a) cords, bands, thongs (metaphorical of slavery)
1b) bunch of hyssop
1c) band of men, troops
1d) vault (of the heavens), firmament (binding earth to the
feminine passive participle of an unused root (meaning to
bind); a band, bundle, knot, or arch:-bunch, burden, troop.

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