tormah <08649>

hmrt tormah and twmrt tarmuwth or tymrt tarmiyth

Pronunciation:tor-maw' tar-mooth' tar-meeth'
Origin:from 07411
Reference:TWOT - 2169c
PrtSpch:noun feminime
In Hebrew:tmrt 1, hmrtb 1, tymrt 1, Mtymrt 1, tymrtb 1, *tymrtw {twmrtw} 1
In NET:delusions 2, Arumah 1, deceitful 1, deception 1, unreliable 1
In AV:deceit 4, deceitful 1, privily 1
Definition:1) treachery, fraud, deceit, deceitfulness
and tarmuwth {tar-mooth'}; or tarmiyth {tar-meeth'}; from
7411; fraud:-deceit(-ful), privily.
see HEBREW for 07411

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